When your ex gets married quickly

When Your EX Gets Married Quickly

When you recently had a break-up, and when your ex gets married quickly? That’s what happened in this story below:

My husband got married to someone quickly after our divorce, he had told me that she is what he needed for all life long, he even told me that if he is having a big bowl of ice-cream then I am only a medium spoon while she is the whole bowl. I should have just hit him in his face for creating a joke around with me. Was he trying to provoke me? I somehow controlled my emotions and left his place. I was very much angry and provoked with his stupid comparison of person with an ice-cream bowl. Why do I care when he got married once again? It is quite upsetting when I am living a miserable life after our breakup and he is enjoying with his new wife.

When Your Ex Gets Married Quickly: The Anger And Hurt It Can Cause

At a moment when you realize that your ex got married, it makes you feel lonely and lost, you might feel how blissful they are to be together and your life has been a junk. But this is nothing but an illusion or say a dilemma which creates tension and depression. A person needs to adjust in ongoing circumstances of life, either you can accept it and move on with proper advice to change your mood and lifestyle or you can continue to live sorrowfully.  Discerning that your ex is blissful and happy is totally wrong. How can you be sure that he is happy? Just because he got remarried, he fights couldn’t face his inner self and got married to avoid showing his inner weakness. You absolutely do not need to worry cause the whole book is yet about to be written.

It might feel unfair: When Your Ex Got Remarried

A cruel feeling lying inside your brain that why did he end up happily while you are still alone and lost? Why is he enjoying sun-shine while you are facing darkness? This is called in-justice and it creates anger and bitterness. Divorce rate of a second marriage is very high.  You might want to resent him. There are several variables in our universe which creates problems and instances but you need to be certain about your behavior and thoughts.

Lost and Depressed: Solution to your problem

If you are going crazy after seeing your ex got married quickly and you have resentment for him, if there is something you want to happen in his new married life or if you want him to realize what he has done wrong, in such a case you definitely should consult marriage specialist astrologer for his valuable advice. His astrological session may change your mood and lifestyle in a short span of time. He is also capable of providing proper solutions to make changes in your ex married life. If you want him to repent on his decisions, consult a marriage specialist astrologer.


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