My ex is getting married after a year

My EX Is Getting Married After a Year

I am recently engaged in checking out my ex’s new love life on social media, this has been my habit to check on my ex every single post on each social page, it might be out of courtesy that I still can’t ignore his Instagram posts. Seriously, I have been an addict of finding out what is exactly going on with my ex’s life. Yesterday when I was scrolling through newsfeed, I came across a photograph with a diamond ring covered with platinum, I couldn’t believe on what I was seeing. My ex was getting married and wearing an engagement ring, it made me jealous and shook me. I actually never had forgotten the person who I used to be relationship. I sent a screenshot of that social post to my dearest friend to clarify if it’s really happening and then I was filled with tears, depression and anxiety was all around my head, I wasn’t able to figure out what exactly making me burst my tears. Is it because I am in love with my ex? Back then I took a control over the situation and questioned myself that Why do I care if my ex got engaged so quickly? I believed that I have completely surrendered myself to him.

We had our breakup around a year back, although we have dated for five years without much trouble, we couldn’t manage to stay together for any longer due to some conceptions of mind. He has been dating some unknown women for only five months and now they are getting married so quickly. Those are identifiable facts which logically describes the situation but those facts won’t change behavior of my ex? But one random question keeps evaluating through my mind and to find answer to such question I have been surfing the internet continuously to figure out ‘why do I care my ex got engaged and my ex is getting married quickly’ and I came up deadpan, after consulting my friend for advice ‘she recommended me well recognized astrologer love specialist’ it really worked for me and all my problems just vanished away.

Love specialist astrologer who has diverse knowledge of identifying true problems in a relationship, the one who is having solutions to all love related issues, astrologer love specialist helped me got clarity of what actually I had been feeling for my ex? Finally, I was able to take control over my emotions and I identified my true emotions for my ex, love specialist astrologer helped me stop my ex-marriage with his useful methods.

Thankfully, now I am living happily with my partner, we have decided to get married next month, if you are going under similar circumstances, then it is absolutely valuable to consult love specialist astrologer. I am grateful for his wonderful advice that got me my love back within a few days and clarified my mind. I truly recommend astrologer love specialist to those who wants to stop their ex marriage and make up with their lover once again.

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