Marriage Match Analysis

Marriage Match Analysis


There are several methods introduced for match marriage horoscope in order to identify a right match for marriage purpose. Marriage predictions and horoscope is also used to identify future problems which may leaves a impact on life of two individual bodies. The most known method for marriage analysis is undoubtedly the eight-point matching method which is verbally known as Asth-Koot-Milan. Each Kuta is having four Gunas, it means 8 Kutas are having 36 Gunas. Highest matching of Gunas means match is compatible. The highest the score, the better the computability.

An average result should be higher than 16 Gunas for acceptable marriage according to astrology. A couple who are having less than 16 points should not get married else it will be inconvenient, either one of them will have to suffer domination from the opposite partner. A person who has strong planets would always dominate his week partner after marriage.

Marriage Match Making through Astrology

Astrology is consisting of various solutions and guide human being in every step of life, every stage of life has to go through various unfavorable circumstances but a human need to clear all obstacles from his/her path to live properly. Those who are afraid to walk through difficult situation, often lose their confidence to face critical situations. Astrology does not only support your problems but it also provides you various solutions to overcome difficult time. Some small solutions might be very helpful to those who are suffering through big problems.

When there is an ultimate solution for all problems, then a person should not worry to find alternatives, astrological remedies can cure every disease and every pain, traditional books of astrology can provide solution to each and every problem. A true guidance in ultimate path of life.

Horoscope Matching for Marriage

People go through various preacher and numerous websites to know the compatibility of their love relationship, who are serious about their love life often consult astrologer and numerologist to check on their horoscope. Horoscope provides accurate results if a person is having experience in reading the daily situation of planets & adversely effecting situation, a right astrologer will deeply study your Kundli to make a conclusion. If you want to know if a person is compatible to get married with you, consult astrologer right now. Our world-famous astrologer is having a deep knowledge of Vedic Astrology which provides accurate predictions and could possibly tell if two individuals are suitable for one another or it’s the other way round.

Match Making For Marriage

If you are considering to get married soon, then you must consult astrologer once to avoid future reactions of marriage. Sometimes people do not consider importance of match making and get married with an opposite Guna, the one without having favorable Kutas and end up hurting themselves for the whole life. Their life becomes miserable because of their single mistake, it is advisable to consider before you act. Call us right now for perfect match making. 





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